Knowledge beyond the numbers

In an increasingly competitive business environment, numbers alone are no longer enough. Our Assurance Services team is committed to giving you the complete picture – all the facts, put in context, and delivered ahead of the curve. It’s the knowledge you need to successfully compete in the 21st century.

Assurance Services


Case Study
An Introduction

This case study follows the story of one of Master Sidlow & Associates’ clients, an investment management company, as well as our role in helping them grow from a three-person start-up to a multi-billion dollar, international operation. Because your business may fall somewhere along that growth curve, you’ll gain many insights into how our innovative ideas, proven practices, and superior solutions can help your business thrive.


Agreed-Upon Procedures & Attestation Engagements

Clearer Understanding

When it comes to standards and specified procedures, everyone needs to be on the same page before the engagement begins. We deal in details from the start – taking time to learn your business and objectives as well as completing a detailed new client checklist. When you choose us, you can rest assured that the work begins only when everyone understands the goals and methods it will take to achieve them.


  • Attest engagement to measure performance, physical characteristics, events, analyses, systems, or behaviors
  • Agreed-upon procedure engagement to report inventory pricing, or to verify accounts receivable, contingent rentals, or compliance with loan covenants
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Audits & Special Audit Services

Added Value

With a reputation for the highest standards of quality, our Assurance Services Associates provide you with proactive suggestions for even your most complex audit issues. All audits are performed in a highly efficient, cost-effective manner, saving you time and money.


  • Audits
  • Special audits
  • Management letters of recommendation
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Due Diligence Services

A Closer Look

Before you take your next business step, make sure that everything is as it appears to be. We are experienced in reviewing a target company’s financial records and procedures to ensure you are making a completely informed decision based on the best knowledge available.


  • Identify risk areas
  • Assess overall financial health
  • Project cash flows
  • Evaluate trends
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Internal Control Evaluations & Documentation of Systems

Improved Efficiency

Whether you are looking for ways to improve your internal controls, enhance your managerial effectiveness, or raise the quality of your financial presentation and analysis, our Associates can help. Our evaluations and documentation are the blueprint for improved business processes, superior efficiencies, and success in the marketplace.
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Review & Compilation Services

Added Confidence

You may not need an audit, but you do need reliable financials to run your business. Our Assurance Services Associates produce accurate, timely financial statements that help you make informed business decisions. While reviews and compilations are not intended to express opinions regarding financial statements, and though their scope is more limited than that of an audit, these services can give you a strong measure of confidence.
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Assurance Services Disciplines:

Case Study: Part I

Initially, the accounting and auditing services we provided to our client were straightforward. As the client grew, however, the engagement became more complex. In addition to changing government regulations, our client’s customers also imposed restrictions in their agreements that required additional levels of compliance testing. For instance, some of the pension funds they manage require portfolios to be balanced over specific industries and indices. Because it takes time for information to move from the portfolio managers to the traders, those components can change and throw the portfolios out of balance. We needed to innovate.

We opened all communication channels among our associates, between associates and the client, and most importantly, from the client to us. This total communication approach gave us superior insight into our client’s business while enabling us to understand their day-to-day challenges and the industry-specific requirements affecting them. It also facilitated two-way communication; we were able to explain to our client what is required and to assist our client in developing solutions that would satisfy those requirements.

We test our client’s numbers annually to ensure compliance with their customers’ restrictions. We have developed ongoing methods to convert the huge volume of data generated by their daily activities into hard, useful knowledge to more profitably run their business. Real-time review of portfolio composition empowers the client’s audit committee to make better decisions more quickly about specific transactions.

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