A New Beginning

While other consulting firms often begin by promising they’ll help you achieve your business goals, we prefer to ask what you are trying to accomplish. This means first defining your goals, creating strategies to reach those goals, and then keeping you on track to achieve them. By starting with a question rather than an empty promise, our Consulting team is better positioned to help you run your business more efficiently, profitably and successfully.

Consulting Services


Business Valuation

For What It’s Worth

When it’s time to buy or sell a business, dissolve a professional partnership or marriage, or place a value on holdings for estate and gift tax purposes, a guess is not good enough. You need precise, accurate figures in a timely fashion. Our Certified Valuation Analysts – working together with our accounting, tax, and consulting specialists – ensure you will get just that.


  • Business valuations for litigation, merger & acquisition
  • Business valuations for tax and accounting purposes
  • Expert testimony in Delaware and Pennsylvania
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Forensic Accounting

Thou Shall Not Steal

Whether fraud happens on a small scale or at the level of several recent high-profile corporate scandals, it puts your company’s reputation on the line and can be financially devastating. As a business owner, you simply can’t afford to turn a blind eye to your surroundings.

Fraudulent transactions can happen at any level: the purchasing agents, sales persons, vendors, subcontractors, clerks, and CEOs. The average employee defalcation is between $100,000 and $200,000 and studies have shown that as many as 33% of all employees steal. Today’s companies have lost billions of dollars by misappropriation of assets.

At Master, Sidlow & Associates, we help business owners in Delaware and throughout neighboring counties protect your assets by keeping you abreast of financial transactions, personnel, trade secrets and the environment. Our Consulting team will work with you to develop methods and processes to promote reliable data and guard against theft.


  • Fraud prevention review
  • Fraud risk evaluations
  • Design and implementation of internal controls to reduce vulnerability to fraud
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Litigation Support

The Scales of Justice

In our litigious society, the verdict often depends on who puts the best experts in the witness box. Master, Sidlow & Associates’ CPAs are experienced in developing sound evidence and delivering it so the court and jury can understand it.


  • Damage measurement and quantification
  • Economic loss analysis
  • Marital dissolution
  • Contract disputes
  • Business separations
  • Opposing expert report analysis and rebuttal
  • Fair value determination in dissenting shareholder or oppression actions
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Performance Measurement

Success is Never Final

Master, Sidlow & Associates takes business consulting to the next level with our performance measurement services. Our team will work with you to determine the critical factors to your business success, and then ensure systems are in place to measure and monitor those factors. This holistic approach combines financial and non-financial indicators and focuses on constant improvement of your business’s performance.
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Personal Financial Planning

Peace of Mind

As a partner in planning your financial future, Master, Sidlow & Associates establishes an organized approach to maximizing your wealth and achieving financial peace of mind. We believe financial planning is more than recommending specific financial products. Instead, we deliver an array of services designed to guide you in defining your financial goals and the strategies to achieve them. Additionally, we have the expertise to help you implement those strategies, monitor progress, and update your plan when goals or circumstances change.


  • Cash flow management
  • Review of insurance needs
  • Education funding
  • Strategies to minimize income tax liability
  • Strategies to maximize retirement savings
  • Business succession planning
  • Estate planning
  • Investment strategy development
  • Elder care and other special needs planning
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Strategic Business Planning

The Next Steps

If your business isn’t moving forward, then it’s either standing still or retreating backwards. Still, it can be a challenge to think about tomorrow when there’s so much that needs to be done now. At Master, Sidlow & Associates, we can help you develop strategic business plans to assure your success – both today and for the future.


  • Business growth planning
  • Assistance with mergers and acquisitions
  • Succession planning for family and closely held businesses
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Consulting Services Disciplines:

Case Study: Part II

Our investment management client wanted to open an office overseas. As we reviewed their initial expansion plan, we discovered that it did not comply with the U.S. Tax Code. We also recognized that we did not know enough about the statutory and regulatory environment of the country into which they wanted to expand.

We called upon our colleagues at CPA Associates International in the country where our client’s wanted to expand. We participated in discussions with the client, their advisors, and our CPAAI affiliate in the host nation. Finally, we applied both proven methods from the U.S. and our overseas counterparts to overcome the obstacles to expansion. By having total communication with all parties, in a holistic fashion, we could innovate more freely on structuring solutions to benefit the client.

Working in collaboration with our overseas colleagues, our client, and the client’s attorneys, we structured an overseas entity to maximize the client’s return on their expansion investment and to minimize its tax impact. We were able to advise our client in a timely and efficient manner for greater growth by having the foresight to extend customer service beyond our borders.

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