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At Master, Sidlow & Associates, we do taxes and so much more. From tax preparation to trust services to estate planning, we help individuals and businesses in Delaware and beyond minimize the impact of taxes while maximizing personal wealth and profits. It's your money. It’s our job to help protect it.

Tax Services


Tax Consulting

Minimize Tax Impact

Our tax specialists work with individuals and businesses to ensure you pay only what you owe ¬– and not a cent more. The experience of our tax team, combined with an intense review of your tax situation, enables us to minimize the impact of taxes on personal holdings and estates, as well as maximize business profits by taking full advantage of all the latest tax planning techniques.

Cost Segregation

Accelerate Cash Flow

You may be entitled to accelerated tax write-offs that can improve your cash flow and save on taxes if you’ve built, purchased, or substantially renovated a building since 1986. This accelerated depreciation, of course, increases cash flow. Our tax specialists perform a Cost Segregation Study, enabling us to maximize the benefits you receive when depreciating assets. These services are of particular value within the field of construction – an industry in which Master, Sidlow & Associates specializes.
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Multi-State Tax Planning

Reduce Risk

Operating a business in more than one state creates the potential for all sorts of tax headaches, including the risk of double taxation. Our tax team develops strategies for minimizing taxes by considering such issues as the proper state in which to locate the business, sales and use tax requirements, what special credits are available, and how to avoid sufficient contact that allows a state to tax the operations.
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Estate Planning

Protecting Wealth

Since the firm's inception in 1978, we have provided quality estate planning services that maximize individual wealth and minimize taxes. We are dedicated to constantly and consistently evaluating and meeting your needs with high-caliber, personalized service. Should your needs or objectives change over time, we will make sure you are apprised of new information and counseled on how a change in a personal situation or IRS regulation will affect your estate plan.


  • Pension & IRA distribution planning
  • Risk & investment management for retirement
  • Estate taxes
  • Estate & trust tax savings
  • Business succession planning
  • Charitable giving programs
  • Business valuations
  • Estate & trust accounting
  • Estate & trust fiduciary tax returns
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Representation Before Taxing Authorities

Rest Assured

Getting a notice of examination from a taxing authority can be an unnerving experience. Backed by Master, Sidlow & Associates’ tax specialists, you can be confident that you will be well-represented. We advocate for clients before federal, state, and local authorities, and our expertise supports your tax position.
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Tax-Advantaged Investment Analysis

Maximize Return

Financial peace of mind happens by design, and a critical element of any comprehensive strategy is an analysis of the impact that taxes have on investments. As a partner in planning your financial future, Master, Sidlow & Associates establishes an organized approach to achieve your goals.
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Tax Preparation

Get It Right

We offer a dedicated team of tax professionals to work with you year-round to minimize your tax burden. We also keep you posted on the ever-changing tax laws so you can employ specific tactics to reduce your taxes. Working together, we can develop the tax strategies that are right for you and help streamline the compliance process.


  • Individual, business and non-profit tax return preparation
  • Estate tax preparation
  • Gifting tax strategies
  • Fiduciary tax strategies
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Trust Services

The Legacy

Planning for your family’s future requires special attention to detail because of the variety of forms that trusts can take. Our entire tax team is well-versed in the complexities of this area, enabling us to fully assist you in protecting and sharing your wealth with generations to come.


  • Analysis of trust agreements for proper accounting and tax treatment
  • Preparation of federal and state trust returns
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Tax Services Disciplines:

Case Study: Part III

Accountants working with our investment management client discussed the difficulty of monitoring investment turnover within our client’s investment partnerships. They needed a way to track all transactions, in real-time, to satisfy the tax code.

In the spirit of total communication, our tax team brought these challenges to the technology team. Together, both teams used their combined experience and knowledge to apply standard data collection to meet tax law requirements. What seemed to be a challenge to our client and tax team was a “no-brainer” for the technology team. They developed an easy-to-use system that could digitally record all transactions, so this information could be delivered wherever and whenever the client needed it.

This collaborative effort resulted in configuring existing software to capture the partnership transactions. In turn, the client had complete, accurate, and up-to-minute information required by the tax code. We made sure that all tax code was considered and that all of the client’s systems could deliver and comply.


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