Security Assessments

If your business has a computer network, there's a good chance it has a security hole somewhere. If there were just the one hole, finding and fixing the problem wouldn't be so bad. You might not even care what the details are, provided you know the solution. Our risk-free Security Assessment will identify any vulnerabilities.

Technical Services


A simple example of a network vulnerability is a security patch missing from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser. A hacker could entice your users to a malicious Web page (or send them HTML e-mail) that could bypass Internet Explorer's security checks. This can allow the attacker access to your users' files and cookies, and if successfully exploited, enables the attacker to execute programs on your users' computers.

Another example is a case where an unused system administration account password has been left blank. What do you do? And how do you decide which problems to fix first?

The logical approach is to understand what the vulnerabilities are and determine their potential severity. Next is to understand how these security breaches can be exploited and the different methods of defending against them.

How do you do this? A vulnerability assessment report is a good place to start. It surveys the security vulnerabilities of the network and provides instructions to close and sometimes prevent security holes. Intellitec Solutions encourages organizations with the resources to perform such a security vulnerability assessment internally to do so. However, an assessment conducted by an outside authority can provide objectivity and credibility that may be crucial.


  • Manage customer expectations
  • Comply with SEC requirements
  • Prevent litigation
  • Protect your and/or your customer's revenue stream
  • Reduce site outages and performance problems
  • Create secure information access
  • Build customer loyalty

Above all, the assessment report and action plan demonstrates management’s due diligence to assure information protection for your organization.

Such an assessment does not guarantee that your infrastructure cannot be successfully attacked or compromised. The report does, however, give you a profile of what your security is at a given moment and reduces the risk of future system and network compromises.

Technology Reviews

We can provide an objective opinion to assess the performance and structure of your information systems, management outsourcing, and/or technology visioning.


  • Document hardware and software inventory
  • Compare actual software inventory to products actually licensed
  • Review and test backup plans
  • Virus protection
  • Power protection
  • Scalability and performance issues
  • Computer usage policy for email, web surfing, intellectual property, software installation and remote access
  • Strategic budgeting
  • Technology visioning

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